Agency Services

kurumsal firmalara ulaşım hizmeti


İnİstanbul plans your all travel organizations for the chosen destinations through providing special solutions in the area of “Corporate Travel Consultancy” which is needed by our customers in Turkey

As can be accessible 24/7, it meets the requests of our customers that we provide service by experience and solves their issues occurred during the travel.

It aims to reduce travel expenses and increase the service quality with the Budget Consultancy that is executed coordinately. It enables that the required actions are taken beforehand through sharing reports it creates.

Organizasyonlar için konaklama hizmetleri


İnİstanbul Tourism aims to provide the most optimum solutions for corporate and individual hotel accommodation.

It offers early reservation facility, cost saving by the help of its experience in group purchasing and sector, solutions that provide advantage, and makes the right travel planning according to the requested location along with the quality hotel options in both domestic and abroad indiviual and group accommodations for the companies it gives service.

It prepares exclusive packages for company guests, senior management or the constantly traveling employees. It provides alternatives regarding your demands or special requests such as proximity to office, city center and fairground.

kişiye özel asistanlık hizmeti


İnİstanbul Tourism does not provide service through pooling system to its business partners. A special assistant and back-up is assigned for each business partner.Thus, it knows the company and employees closely. It manages the operations according to their features, priorities and profiles.

Also, İnİstanbul Tourism let you save time and speed enabling you to communicate with only one person. You can reach your special assistant till 24:00 on weekdays and weekend while it continues to provide service through call center for emergencies later then.

It will be enough for you to state your priorities and comfort choices only once. Our assistants saves time for you and ensures relevant cost since they know your preferences from airport and to seating, senior management to personnel and your customers to guests. When your company hosts national or international guests, our assistants have full knowledge of all details including the greeting, welcoming, and accommodation of your guests as well as the İstanbul night tours, Bosporus trips, daily İstanbul tours and guide services which are organized exclusively.

They frequently visit your company to share flight-accommodation-transfer.

kurumsal firmalar için transfer ve araç kiralama


İnİstanbul Tourism ensures the requested type of vehicle by the trustable and professional partnerships which it makes special agreements with from all over the world.

It provides various vehicle options and enables you to reach everywhere quickly and in comfortably during your travel. It also offers chauffeur-driven vehicle service (optional) for your local transportation and transfer needs.

Our service vehicles are top model as requested by our customers and have all required automobile insurances.

Acentacılık hizmetlerinin vize işlemleri


İnİstanbul Tourism works out the visa needs of the business partners it gives service without loss of time and causing a lot of procedural work, by means of its experienced visa consultants.

Yurt dışı gezileri için seyahat sigortası


İnİstanbul Tourism offers Foreign Traveler Insurance specially designed for our business partners to ensure them a light and healthy travel. Foreign Traveler Insurance guarantees the emergency health conditions that you may face during your travel abroad while its scope is enhanced according to the chosen alternative through Sompo Japan Insurance Assistance Services.