Corporate Services


The company provides events which are influencing and perfect, in parallel with its partners’ goals, and understand their strategies and plans. It knows the importance of creativity and value of being different, and acts upon this. It builds vision and strategy, designs the program, ensures communication with all parties, carries out the budget management with optimum efficiency, and aims to enable its business partner to reach its recognition goal.

Product Launchings – Openings Award Ceremonies – Gala Dinners – Intercompany Cocktails – Roadshows Groundbreaking – Ceremonies Concert Organizations – Concert Organizations Tournaments – Party Organizations – Intercompany Picnic Organizations

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It increases the intercompany motivation, improves the communication between the distributors/shops and employees of the company, supports teamwork, organizes incentive programs that will ensure the company to focus on sales and strategical goals, and designs, follows and implements the incentive project.

Employee Incentive Programs – Distributor/Customer Incentive Organizations – Campaign/Product Incentives – Domestic/Abroad Incentive Trips

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The company builds meetings in line with the annual marketing plans and strategies for private and government agencies. It accompanies you as your business partner at all of your meetings from meeting participant profile to its content and size, theme studies to developing creative concept, venue selection to technical system, stage, decor and speaker. It contributes the development of your business.

Press Conference – Goal Sharing Meeting – Distributorship Meetings – Training and Motivational Meetings – Intercompany

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Inİstanbul manages all processes of congresses, symposiums and conferences which bring together all government agencies (particularly associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations) with their members and supporters. It knows the differences of congress management dynamics and includes its studies to these dynamics with creative ideas and reforms these dynamics.

Congresses – Sponsorship Management – Operation Management – Destination Management

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