Ethiopia Tour

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After our international flight from İstanbul, we will meet with our private car and transfer to our hotel.

Accomodation: Best Western Plus Hotel Addis Ababa


After getting our breakfast at hotel, we will transfer to airport for our domestic flight to Arba Minch. After arrival, we go to a local restaurant for lunch with our guide. Afterwards, we head to Chamo Lake for a joyful boat ride. You can capture your best shots in this wild life. Then we will visit one of Omo Tribes, Dorze Tribe. You can try ‘arique’ here, a local homemade drink. Dorze Tribe makes their living by cotton weaving and famous with their cotton clothes and beehive-looking houses. Also they benefit from their high sea level and grow fruits, vegetables, spices and tobacco. After our program, we will get back to hotel to rest.


After a good sleep we will get breakfast at hotel and visit Konso Village, where can be counted as the passage to Omo Valley. During our ride, you can see some unique views. We will stop at Konso and observe life styles of village people who grows corn in a hard topography. After this joyful discovery, we will go to Turmi Town and go to our hotel for some rest.


We will have breakfast and visit Abore Tribe. The Arbore tribe women cover their heads with black colored cloth and adorn themselves with colorful jewelry. Their young children wear a shell type garment that protects their heads from sun. The tribe is also well known for their master of body painting and for their houses, which are made from papyrus. After visiting their village and take some pictures, we will then drive back to stay overnight in Turmi.

Accomodation: Emerald Lodge Hotel Turmi


In the morning after Breakfast,we will drive to Omorate; which is the last town in Ethiopia before the border. We will then walk through town to the side of the Omo River. From here we will cross the murky brown River, by traditions with a canoe. Once we are safely across the Omo River we will visit the tribes of beautifully decorated Dassenech people. Once again, we will be able to photograph these amazing people whilst we tour around their village, learning about their culture and their way of life; then we say goodbye to this unique village, we will continue our day by visiting Hamer Tribe. Hamer Tribe women use a mix made with water, butter and red clay. After applying this mixture, they keep applying butter regularly and keep their hair still. We will head back to hotel to get some rest.

Accomodation: Emerald Lodge Hotel Turmi.


After breakfast we will drive to Korcho village to visit the Karo people. This village is one of only three villages that the Kara people live in. Their population only numbers around 1500. This village is the most beautiful and scenic of all villages in the Omo valley as it is perched on a high bend overlooking the Omo River and its flood plains. Beautiful pictures are always captured here, as the Kara people love to decorate themselves in intricate face and body paintings – many of which represent the plumage of the Guinea fowl. After we have experienced their way of life and unique culture, we will back to Jinka and visit Jinka museum.

Accomodation: Nasa Pension & Hotel Jinka


In the morning after breakfast we will begin winding our way towards the Mago Mursi National Park. On our arrival at the village, we will greet and meet family of the wilderness, the unique family of Lower Omo Valley, the vision of the African real living culture, Mursi Tribe. After meeting Mursi people, we will transfer to Jinka Airport for our Addis Ababa domestic flight. Then we will continue with our international flight.