Event Management

etkinlik yönetimi hizmetiyle tüm etkinlikler

Product Launching: İnİstanbul organizes catchy events where your brand and product meet with your target audience. It plans your new product and service promotion events special to the target audience including employee-distributor-end consumers and venue while integrating your product into the event. It helps you to promote your brand, product, service and technology as well as your new product through the event editing specially designed for your company and in the best way with the catchy methods using marketing communication concepts, product benefits and features.

Openings: İnİstanbul focuses on all details regarding the concept development, invitation, honoring, and catering that will be needed during the corporate companies’ starting to give service at a new location such as factory opening and branch openings

Gala Dinners: İnİstanbul makes prestigious gala organizations suitable to gala organizations performed for purposes like anniversaries, celebration, and launching, to corporate identity of the customers, and to target audience of the corporate companies.

Roadshows: As the strongest approaches of marketing communication, roadshows are the new generation business models which carry product, campaign and service to the target audience, bring customer with the brand/product/service, and break with the traditional communication model. Roadshows are especially effective in sales, marketing, training and social responsibility projects. İnİstanbul brings the target audience with the company, receives feedback and increases the brand recognition through roadshows it designs based on the needs of its business partner.

Concert Organizations: İnİstanbul makes large/small-scale concert events according to the target audience profile at the organizations including particularly the employee motivation, gala nights, anniversaries, business partners, summer parties, goal sharing meetings.

Tournaments: Tournaments are designed special to the company for the purposes of bringing departments from different disciplines such as marketing, sales, public relations, corporate communication, human relations, financial and affairs; increasing intercompany communication; and imposing subjects including competition, collaboration and common goal entertainingly.

Party Organizations: İnİstanbul organizes concept parties as well as small/large-scale parties such as new year and happy-hour with a boutique service understanding through designing concepts according to the corporate identity of the companies along with the profile and aims of the participants.