Incentive Programs

Employee Incentive Programs: These are the implementations which ensures that the employee focuses on the common goal and reaches to his/her goals in the areas which especially require competition. İnİstanbul builds the incentive program focused on target audience in line with the company priorities and goals, follows up during the incentive period and reports the results. It produces alternatives (training, travel, gift, hobby, sports, development etc.) special to people who will benefit from the incentive study according to the corporate company priorities.

Distributor/Customer Incentive Organizations: These are the organizations designed for training, encouraging the distributors and their employees in terms of sales, product and service focused on, and increasing their motivation.

Campaign/Product Incentives: These are incentive programs focused on increasing the penetration of especially seasonal campaigns or new products. These are very effective motivator that ensures reaching to the result within aimed period. İnİstanbul takes the campaign/product details according to its business partner’s need and the target audience to be included in the incentive program. It prepares kits such as product-campaign arguments, promotion, informing, and teasers which will excite the team and increase their interaction; visits sales points when needed; advertise and promotes campaigns. İnİstanbul also builds the after-campaign incentive program.

Domestic/Abroad Incentive Trips: Incentive and motivation programs are among the most effective ways of energizing a corporation and increasing the synergy among the employees. İnİstanbul designs projects special to corporate identity and dynamics to increase the efficiency of business partners and the communication among their employees. It organizes rich, guided and themed motivation trips together with the creative events it holds around different locations at home or abroad. By this means, it designs the appropriate environments that increase the synergy among employees and where people can use their all potential in optimum way.