About Us

Providing service since 2010 and having A GROUP TÜRSAB certificate, İnİstanbul Tourism performs as solution partner for national and international corporate companies on subjects including meeting, event management, strategical project management and domestic/abroad corporate travel organizations.

İnİstanbul Tourism, with its experienced and innovative staff expert in their own subject, aims for international quality standards and with this object in mind, it assembles its studies under two topics which are Agency Services and Corporate Services.

Our priority is the ideal representation of your corporation, feature of the provided service as well as the quality of events and organizations. İnİstanbul Tourism provides effective solutions for your domestic and foreign travel needs such as transportation, transfer, accommodation and visa services. For this purpose, it gives service with a professional team expert in their own subject while it accompanies you for all of your needs and at all of your events with the special agreements it makes with exclusive facilities.

İnİstanbul provides boutique service with single respondent through assigning an assistant special to each company. Therefore, it knows your company, employees and needs well, provides advantage in terms of both budget and efficiency through offering holistic solutions and performs as business partner.

İnİstanbul creates corporate travel policies for you by ensuring optimum saving at your business travels, shares the event-flight-accommodation-transfer reports of your company through regular visits with its reporting system, and manages your travel budget consultancy.

It generates, manages and reports projects exclusive to the company’s field of activity and target audience in accordance with the annual plans, structuring and strategic priorities of the company it provides service under the heading of Corporate Services. It performs as a strategical business partner through sustainable project ideas that focus on the company’s goals, ensuring that the success of project can be measured.

İnİstanbul creates solutions fitting the purpose in many subjects from product launching to distributor meetings, motivation development studies to intercompany goal sharing, training organizations to campaign studies, and to national/international congress/conference organizations in both B2B and B2C through its team’s skill and experience in strategical planning and management.



    İnİstanbul Tourism is an agency which meets the needs, requests and expectations of its business partners without compromising ethical values and provides business solutions and services adopting the continuity of success.


    Experience, creative approach and dynamism

    Focused on the success of the companies it provides service, business partner

    Flexible-dynamic quality in organizational structure and project processes

    Embracing and following up the job it accepts, value creating project teams

    Strong solution partners


    İnİstanbul’s vision is to be an organization which represents trust and prestige, accepts the customer satisfaction as building block for the work it carries out, integrates with its employees, comes to the forefront with its leading corporate identity, and serves as a model in professional services both nationally and internationally with its experienced team.


    Customer-oriented company culture

    Service understanding with quality priority

    Working principle as solution and business partner

    Management understanding open to development and innovation