Press Meetings: İnİstanbul plans and organizes the press meetings with a professional approach to announce the projects of the company it provides service and to advertise its products, brand, new entity or services. It contributes to the enhancement of the corporate image. Our expert team determines the appropriate setting by taking into consideration of the business partner’s expectation. It prepares the press population as well as the invitation letter issued for the aim of the meeting and communicates it to the relevant persons, follows up and manages the organization.

Target Sharing: It carries out the meeting organizations enabling the convey of communication plans on marketing, internal processes, reorganization and human resources to the target audience.

Distributor Meetings: Reinforces the relationship with the distributors that are the most important representative of corporate companies’ brand and products; plans, designs and implements the meetings that ensure the advertisement of new products and services as well as sharing the goals and strategies.

Training and Motivation Meetings: Organizes meetings in such setups that will increase the motivation of employees and distributors, ensure us to communicate company goals in the most efficient way, and bring everyone together at a common goal.

In-company and Year-end Meetings: Organizes the internal communication and periodic meetings in line with the company priorities while ensuring that the focus of these creative meetings is enhancing the in-house motivation and meeting goals of the company.